Dog Courses

Damian offers an innovative range of courses- all of which are aimed at improving and/or shaping the development of your dog’s interaction with its surroundings.

All courses are designed to cover a comprehensive selection of relevant areas within wider canine training, as well as touching on some aspects of behavioural conditioning.

From pets to workplace assistants, dogs are employed to fulfil a number of roles both within our own lives and as a part of broader society. As such, the scope for the training of these animals is far vaster than most would imagine.

Each course is planned, structured and tutored by Damian himself, an authority in the field and a man who has spent the better part of the last two decades working with dogs in a professional sense.

As a fully inaugurated member of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association (CFBA), Damian also holds ties with the coveted Kennel Club, and has spent his career building quite the rapport with a whole host of like-minded professional figures, from veterinarians to animal psychologists and corresponding behavioural specialists.

Whether you’d like general house-manners addressed or hold hopes for your dog as a prize-winning show animal, Damian possesses both the aptitude and the undying enthusiasm necessary to assist you.

Operating from a stunning three-acre complex in Wilmslow, Cheshire, he is always happy to welcome new faces into the family.

Even if your needs are of the most specialist in nature, chances are that Damian will have encountered something of similar ilk in the past, knowing within just a few minutes exactly what course of action is the best one to take. After all, experience does speak for itself.

Currently, a one week long intensive course is also in its early planning stages. Taking on just a few participants at a time, the idea of the programme will be to give owners a drastic head start in the handling and training of their own dogs. The course will be held on-site, though regrettably no accommodation will be available for participants.